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        Modular support systems for pipes, ventilation, sprinkler, electrical and seismic applications are designed to achieve more with fewer parts

        A wide range of products for fastening electrical cables and conduits, designed for high productivity and ease-of-use
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        3D structures
        Modular support systems for a wide range of 3D applications Designed specifically for greater flexibility and productivity
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        误杀瞒天记在线观看Channel systems
        Modular channel systems for the installation of pipe supports, ventilation ducts and cable trays. Designed specifically for greater flexibility and ease-of-use
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        Standard hardware for modular support systems
        Accessories for modular support systems – threaded rods, hexagonal nuts, screws, bolts, adapters and washers
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        Hot-dip galvanized products
        For protection in moderately corrosive environments, choose from hot-dip galvanised channel systems, base connectors, pipe rings and more
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