We understand that the working environment is rapidly changing, with many of us now trying to balance commitments at home and at work.

We expect a lot from our Hilti team members and set challenging targets for everyone at the company. But at the same time we believe in a caring culture, where people can be supported and do well.

And so, work life balance at Hilti is very important.

We believe in offering attractive working conditions and finding flexible ways of working, from a mobile office or working from home.

We have also opened our own day care center for team members’ children at our Headquarters in Schaan, Liechtenstein.

With this, we want to be an attractive employer. And it seems to be working: 92% of our team members say they are proud to work for Hilti and we regularly win awards for being a “Great Place to Work”.

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We know that the long-term success of our company is based on our people.

So we want to give our team members opportunities to grow and develop on a personal level.

We have an open door management policy, with regular assessments to monitor targets and training.

Many of our team members enjoy long-term careers at Hilti. We also encourage career movement around the company and support our team members in continuous learning and development.

80 percent of management positions in Hilti are filled from within the company.


Health and safety is really important to us at Hilti.

The construction business is dangerous and so trying to prevent accidents is crucial. We have strict rules on how to behave onsite, how to take precautionary measures and what personal protective equipment is necessary.

We are constantly evaluating risk at the workplace and putting the right protection measures in place.

But keeping healthy is also important to us.

We run our own health care services for team members designed to prevent and detect health risks at an early stage. And we offer advice on all sorts of issues from vaccinations to preventing work related health problems.